My name is Steve and I work across the UK as a therapist, trainer and coach, helping my clients see the progress they are looking for.

Directional Therapy

Specialist treatment for depression and anxiety

Free yourself from the unhelpful and self-destructive thoughts that cause depression and anxiety.

Build a positive new understanding of yourself and what you value.

Build a strong and secure foundation of mental wellness on which to base your happiness.

A complete mental healthcare programme
A proven therapy aiding depression and anxiety
Replace negative thoughts with positive mental harmony.
A specialist depression and anxiety therapy.
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Directional stress and anxiety therapy

Directional therapy is a unique hybrid approach to therapy specifically designed to help people experiencing a high-functioning mix of depression and anxiety.

Why directional therapy?

Directional therapy is an expertly developed hybrid therapy specifically targeting high-functioning depression and anxiety. If your problems fall into this category, then it’s very likely this will be the best approach for you.

The carefully developed programme helps clients to free themselves from the damaging and destructive thoughts that underpin these two conditions.

Building back a better person

I don’t just treat the negative. I build up the positive side of your inner self to achieve happiness and success in the future.

At a fundamental level, we will work together to build you a secure foundation of mental wellness  on which to base your growth and development.

This is a personal process, based on helping you to understand yourself. An essential part of the process involves giving you the time and space to get to know yourself. That is the self who was obscured by depression and anxiety.

Importantly, we will discover and refine the personal values that drive you and help you to be happy when you fulfil them.

A bright, bold future

Together, we won’t just treat your anxiety and depression, we will envision an exciting, achievable future and help you start pursuing it.

This bold new individual won’t just make you feel better, it will benefit family, friends and everyone else who surrounds you.

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How do I know if I need
cognitive behavioural therapy

Directional therapy is specifically developed to combat high-functioning anxiety and depression. It is highly likely that if you have one of these specific challenges, or a mix of the two, then you will benefit from this acute, expertly developed therapy.
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Reach out if you’re suffering in secret

High-functioning conditions are those where sufferers can keep leading their lives normally on the outside, although they may be suffering terribly on the inside.

These conditions can be all the more serious because of their outward invisibility, and it can be hard to know when you need help. If you believe that you are suffering from high-functioning anxiety, get in touch with someone. It can be me, another professional or someone you trust.

If you do choose me, book below and I will support you confidentially and without judgement. If you are not quite ready please make someone aware that you need help. This could be a close friend or family member and it might be the boost you need to get the right help. You can be assured we will offer supportive confidential advice when this additional support gives you a stable foundation you need to reach out for professional help.

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