My name is Steve and I work across the UK as a therapist, trainer and coach, helping my clients see the progress they are looking for.

Corporate Occupational & Community Mental Health Training

Occupational health and wellbeing courses for companies and communities

Give your team members the skills to safeguard their wellness and motivation for the long-term.

Empower your teams and managers to look after the mental health of everyone involved.

Learn to easily implement and advise on mental health and wellbeing practices for organisational development and social responsibility.

Gain innovative, useable and beneficial knowledge
Continuously developing practice
Designed bespoke to suit the needs of your organisation

Real, experiential training from a professional therapist

We provide a bespoke and comprehensive therapist-based background to our courses. This assures the individual value of our real-world mental health advice. Enquire today to learn more.
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Flexible packages designed
around your organisation

Every workplace, every community and every company is unique with unique needs. That’s why all our packages are flexible and adaptable.

The Packages

  • Wellness at work
  • Thriving at work
  • Productive home working
  • Reframing the work/life balance
  • Living well at home

… and more

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Managers and Community Leaders: Ensuring good workdays

Enhanced leadership package

Ensure your staff and team members have good days at work and improve your leaders’ people management.

Participants learn to identify the early signs of stress and burnout in team members, and to ensure staff are happy and motivated in the workplace.

Create Your Package

Create your organisation’s perfect package by getting in touch with us today.

Let us know the package, number of participants and any specific needs, and we’ll get back to you to organise your training.

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Why train with Mind Sculpture

Gain a therapist’s real experiential and professional knowledge of mental health and wellness in the workplace.
Learn important strategies and advice for promoting and encouraging good days at work.
Gain competency in spotting and responding to stress and burnout in the workplace.
Increase wellbeing and productivity.
Build a pro-mental health leadership structure and watch those around your organisation respond positively.
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