My name is Steve and I work across the UK as a therapist, trainer and coach, helping my clients see the progress they are looking for.

Curative Hypnotherapy

Find and Heal the Root Cause of your Problems

Find complete peace of mind by locating and correcting the root cause of your problems.

Get painlessly to the bottom of severe issues that are difficult to solve head-on.

Feel the weight of many difficult problems lift as the root of them is resolved.

Resolve complex issues that bring you down every day
Life-changing, long-term improvements to your wellbeing
Get to the bottom of problems that seem unsolvable
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What curative hypnotherapy
can help with

Curative hypnotherapy is particularly effective at resolving complex, ongoing mental and emotional problems without an instantly apparent cause. These include:

  • Anxiety and deep-rooted stress
  • Issues of self-esteem and self-image, such as anorexia or body dysmorphia
  • Emotional problems, such as anger and insecurity
  • Addictions, dependencies and complex, habit-forming issues.
  • Obsessive issues, such as OCD and self-harm.

Why curative hypnotherapy?

People look to Mind Sculpture’s hypnotherapy programme because they have a deep-rooted problem that needs resolving, or a symptom that needs dealing with.

Sometimes, it really is as simple as sorting out the symptom directly, and straightforward hypnotherapy can have amazing results.

I turn to curative hypnotherapy when a problem is more complex, or when multiple symptoms are presenting because of a deeper root cause.

Deal with the root of the problem

Curative hypnotherapy is a way to locate the root cause of a problem, rather than just dealing with the symptoms.

This type of hypnotherapy can really change your life with enduring, long-term results. It can take time, but the results can be life changing, improving your wellbeing and mental health significantly. Book an appointment to start the change today.

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How do I know if I need
curative hypnotherapy

Just book a consultation with me, and we will find the right path for you.

Having offered several distinct types of hypnotherapy for many years, I am skilled and experienced in assessing and offering the best options for every client. Book a no-obligation consultation below and I will advise you based on your case.

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Curative hypnotherapy example – Hypnosis for anxiety

Anxiety and stress are two of the most common problems that people turn to a hypnotherapist for. While stress from a busy work schedule or current worry will generally be dealt with more straightforwardly, anxiety rooted in historic abuse or childhood bullying (for example) can be much more complex in its development and effects. In these cases, curative hypnotherapy may have incredibly beneficial results that can truly change your life for the better in a big way.

While more traditional hypnotherapy practices would help in a case like this, curative hypnotherapy can have a much deeper and more curative impact. This is why I have spent a significant amount of time perfecting my practice in the area and why Mind Sculpture offer this as an option.

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